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Social Media Compliance Assessment

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Horace suspects his staff doesn’t adhere to or even read the social media policy he put together, and alternately worries that his expectations are set too high and the penalties for ignoring them too small. Is the problem the document itself? Would a training session or two make a difference? While nothing has happened—that he knows of—he sees no upside to waiting until it does.

Kayla has worked hard to build a good reputation. As an independent contractor, she knows her livelihood depends not only on avoiding negative publicity but keeping it from escalating. But taking time to seek out potential problems means leaving potential earned income on the table. She suspects that a second opinion, to ensure she's done everything she can, should be enough.

While Robin is well aware that social media can quickly become a regulatory minefield, his tiny staff is already over-extended and he can't afford to hire anyone new. His only real option is to spring for an independent third-party review. Ideally, he would like this person to become a part of the team, as it were, like an embedded reporter. But does such a thing even exist?

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The very fact you’re here shows you understand that social media compliance isn’t just for public companies, financial institutions and healthcare providers: everyone is vulnerable. There are plenty of compliance consultants out there to choose from. So why FTF?

Having a social media policy, training employees, and ensuring the right technology is in place are critical to protecting your business and your customers. But they’re not enough. For example, did you know that that you can be held liable for tweets fired off from an employee’s iPhone, even though it happens outside the office and after working hours? That a direct mail campaign may inadvertently run afoul of CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Law) because your message was emailed rather than posted? Or that failure to incorporate a new and unexpected legislative requirement can bring your entire operation to a halt?

As an editor, Sue knows that wording is everything: clear prose, strong visuals and solid design ensure good messaging and fewer misunderstandings. As a librarian, she understands that staff and customers are most likely to comply with that messaging if it is expressed from their point of view not yours. A certificate in Social Media Compliance Management adds yet another skill set to the mix.

This powerhouse combination means that with Sue, you and your organization not only benefit from an extra pair of hands, but from a mindset both capable of and comfortable with shifting between big picture and detail-oriented modes of thought.

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  • Conduct a social media audit, to determine what's working and what needs improvement.
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  • Develop guidelines for the ethical monitoring of online activity and responsible online engagement.
  • Establish a code of conduct addressing such matters as credit and attribution, privacy and disclosure, confidentiality, intellectual property, and use of disclaimers.

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