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Irene has carved out a niche for herself in the often-cutthroat world of online freelancing. Her internet presence is extensive, and she has little trouble getting the projects she bids on. However, she would like to attract longer-term contracts and that means growing her marketplace beyond job bidding sites. She would like someone to look over her various social media accounts, to ensure she is presenting a clear consistent image of who she is and what she can do.

Monica admits paperwork is not her strong suit, and the result is barely controlled chaos. Add email, texts and phone calls to the mix, and it’s a never-ending battle. Because she runs a low-margin business, she can’t afford to invest in anything that doesn’t measurably improve productivity, decrease costs, or generate new revenue. However, at times her mind feels as cluttered as her desktop, and she wonders if having someone in to assess the situation and come up with a better system might make a difference.

Harold is office manager for a small wellness centre. There is just enough staff turnover that he’s decided to create an official employee handbook. But while he has a good grasp of the areas it should cover, he simply does not have time to draft his thoughts, let alone refine and format them. What he needs is someone to pull existing documentation into a template and work with him to complete the rest.

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The very fact that you're here means you know that information is as critical to your business as money, staff, and physical resources. There are lots of information specialists out there to choose from. So why FTF?

Chances are you are an independent contractor, or maybe you’ve added a few employees to the mix. For sure, you are very protective of your cash flow. Customer service is high on your list of non-negotiables. You have an accountant, a lawyer, and a computer technician on speed dial; but you can’t afford to add anyone to the payroll who doesn’t directly contribute to your bottom line. At the same time, you suspect that the office would run more smoothly, and you could focus on more pressing matters, if your documents and record keeping were streamlined.

Enter Sue. As a former librarian, she knows that a document—be it a book, employee manual, website or database—is only as useful as the information it contains; not only can she make that determination in short order, she understands the role systems play in ensuring it gets where it needs to go. But Sue is also an editor, who knows how to rework existing content so that it aligns with what its users are looking for, not only what you want them to find.

This powerhouse combination means that with Sue, you not only benefit from an extra pair of eyes, but from a mindset that is laser-focused on applicability and ease of use.

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  • Ensure existing documentation is complete, up-to-date, accessible, and on-point.
  • Create original content in keeping with the above principles.
  • Conduct research, analyze and synthesize findings, and outline alternative courses of action for upcoming decisions.
  • Assess database integrity.
  • Identify inefficiencies in information flow, both within the business, among platforms, and with clients.
  • Set up filing systems and develop shared-file cleanup initiatives.

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