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Charlie is far from a first-time author. He has published with two mainstream publishers to modest acclaim. Both publishers are pleased with how his books are selling, and either one would publish his next in a heartbeat. However, what Charlie really wants is a readership he can connect with; in other words, he doesn’t want people to simply buy his book but to read and respond to it, and to revisit and respond to his older titles as well. He knows that making more strategic use of his social media platform is part of the answer, but wonders if there’s a way of leveraging currently unpublished content to help make that happen.

Norwegian-born Arne operates a combination clinic/research laboratory in Sydney, Australia devoted to the study of Alzheimer’s. He is a fine writer in his native language and speaks English fluently, though he still struggles a bit with written English. He is ready to start a blog in which he would synthesize current research for a general audience. However, he is unsure how best to structure it, and wonders if there is an affordable way to have each post proofread in a timely fashion.

Jennifer is a doctoral student in the social sciences, staring down a filing deadline as she prepares for her new faculty position. There are 1,001 things she needs to address, most suggested by her committee, and she is so intent on finishing that her prose is coming out clunkier than she would like. Then there are the Department’s stylistic requirements to implement, and a few lingering concerns over attribution and copyright. It occurs to her that if she can find an editor now who is both good at their job and sympatico, that person might also prove a good investment for the article drafts and grant proposals to come.

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The very fact that you're here proves you care how well you write, and want others to care as well. There are many editors out there to choose from. So why FTF?

As a former in-house acquisitions editor, Sue knows her way around the industry: what publishers are looking for in a proposal, what they’ll accept as a final draft, whether self-publishing is the way to go, if you'd be better off writing a series of blog posts instead. But Sue is also a former librarian, who understands that the process doesn’t end with buyers but with readers, and that means paying attention to things like user experience. It's as important for an author to anticipate what a reader is looking for and how best you can address that need, as it is to ensure you've said what you need to say.

This powerhouse combination means that with Sue, your text not only benefits from an extra pair of eyes, but from a mindset that compels her to approach it, and you, with care, wit and finesse.

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  • Accompany to medical appointments.
  • Coordinate and communicate with out-of-town relatives/caregivers.
  • Assist with navigating the health care system and/or client services.
  • Investigate complaints.
  • Research diagnoses and treatments.
  • Facilitate care transition, e.g. from hospital to home or from assisted living to long-term care.
  • Introduce and discuss advanced directives.

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